There is no doubt that Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club is a leader in customer satisfaction. One of the most satisfying parts of Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club’s travel experience is the accommodation.  One example of luxury accommodations is The Crown Villas, the ultimate in luxury and exclusivity. Each villa is a small estate home with sumptuous, private three and four bedrooms that offer guests a unique and exclusive vacation experience.

There is nothing more luxurious than being able to lounge around in a private villa without having to be bothered by other guests or the hustle and bustle of hotel hallways.

Another reason why Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club is a leader in customer satisfaction is the dining experiences offered. From buffet style restaurants to exclusive V.I.P. penthouse style restaurants with spectacular ocean front views Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club provides a wide variety of dining experiences for its travelers. One of these dining experiences is the AZUL restaurant. AZUL is located on the top floor of the NE Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club tower. With a smart casual dress code — sorry beach goers no flip-flops or shorts here — AZUL offers spectacular ocean views and delicious Caribbean food that will stimulate all the senses.

Now that the shelter and nourishment needs are met, it is time to relax and the perfect place to do that is in one of Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club’s spas. One of these spas is the Yin Yang Spa where the mysteries of the East meet the warmth of the Caribbean. Yin Yang was created with the mystic energy of the Asian temple in mind; Yin Yang has blended the warmth of Caribbean Culture to create a unique experience of indulgence and relaxation.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club keeps its members satisfied by offering them a wide variety of living accommodations, spas, and luxurious dining experiences. These things have pushed Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club to the top of the charts in customer satisfaction.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club is a membership club dedicated to providing luxury vacation experiences for members in some of the most beautiful resort locations within the Dominican Republic and around the world.