Packing is one of the most dreaded parts of any vacation, but it doesn’t have to be with these packing tips to avoid baggage fees from Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club.

Lake Havasu, Arizona – Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club, a leader in providing top-notch reward fulfillment, knows that one of the biggest complaints that travelers have whenever they go on a trip is how much they dread packing and dealing with their luggage when they make their journey to their vacation destination.

The Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Complaints Reduction Team knows that when it comes to any vacation, the last thing travelers need in their life is more stress and strife, especially when they are going on vacation. Trips away from home are meant to be relaxing, and one burden travelers tend to worry about is avoiding costly baggage fees for extra weight. Here are some of the most important (and most unnecessary things) to bring along for the trip in order to avoid paying unnecessary fees for extra-heavy luggage.

The Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Complaints Reduction Team suggests going online to brush up on traveler’s preferred airline website to read their baggage policy. Some airlines (like Southwest or JetBlue) offer at least one free checked bag, but many charge fees – many smaller airlines even charge fliers for their carry-on luggage. In order to save most, make sure to find out about their specific policies to avoid any surprises right before taking off.

For more room inside one’s suitcase, find create ways to save space. For those who leave home for long periods of time, one method is a sure-fire way to make more room. Rolling items of clothing instead of folding allow more to fit in a small suitcase space, as well as preventing wrinkles caused by fold creases. Also, consider looking into some specialty dual-purpose items for frequent travelers, including a jacket that turns into a travel pillow.

The Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Complaints Reduction Team reminds travelers to make sure to leave any big bottles of products at home. Doing so not only saves space, but also because the TSA doesn’t allow any liquids or gels over 3.4 oz. There are some exceptions to the rule, so it is important to keep up-to-date on the latest regulations for what is allowed and what is not allowed. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club hopes that these tips will save travelers money and reduce luggage-related complaints this summer. For more great travel tips, visit