Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members recommend other tourists to get up close with Mother Nature’s biggest stars and prepare for a wildlife experience at the Lone Star State, Texas. This sure is one place that is filled with wild adventure and will be successful in satisfying the thrill and excitement of the adventure seeking tourist. Tourist will fall in love with the reticulate giraffe that struts behind them gliding through the shrubs and bushes. The tourist get to admire the North African Antelope, zebras and deer’s moving in herds and may also catch the black Rhinos enjoying their morning bath.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members say that you will be enjoying the natural trail in Glen Ross Texas but it sure will feel that you are enjoying an African Safari. You can even visit the Wildlife Conservation Centre and Education Centre which houses about 51 species of different animals and 14 of them are consider endangered. The adventure seekers will be awe struck watching the wildlife that are close to extinction as these are animals that they will not be able to see anywhere else. The magnificent black Rhino and the colorful Atwater’s Prairie chicken are species close to extinction and can be found here.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members even suggest that people can even drive their cars and enjoy the wildlife at their own pace. They can even sign up for guided naturalistic Jeep Tours or watch the wild creatures on a guided Mountain Bike Tour. The over enthusiastic tourist can even add an element of excitement in their Safari experience by bedding down in deluxe platforms overnight at the foothills of the Safari Camp. Here they are more safe and can enjoy the special nighttime ambiance of the wilderness.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members say that the growing popularity of adventure vacations has really changed the way many people spend their holidays. In the past vacation were considered a chance to kick back and relax but the modern vacationers want more than that.