Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members say  that you need to travel to Peru to discover the captivating land of scraping mountain tops, vast stretches of coastal desserts and serpentine rivers full of life and beauty. Tourists can enjoy the pulsating multi-ethnic cultural blend of Peru influenced by its past cultural heritage resulting in wide diversity of expressions in its arts centre, traditional cuisines and music.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members know that  its famous Andes mountains offers spectacular view for trekkers interested in a Peru travel escapade. Peru is the world best trekking destination where nature lovers and holidaymakers with creative imaginations come to experience Mach Picchu. After arriving in Peru, you can enjoy an aromatic cup of cocoa to acclimate the height. Retreat to the city of kings by exploring its historical neighborhoods, museums and striking architecture. Start of explorations through the remnants of the Incan history displayed at its National Museum of Archeology.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club say that traveling  through Lima, Peru you will be bewildered by the unique natural reserve called Lomas de Lachay which has a burst of greenery in the midst of a Peruvian desert. These foothills are great habitats of white tailed deer and extraordinary lizard species.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members say that Peru is a delight for the history buffs, there are so many archeological sites and historic monuments that tell a tale of the historical, cultural and architectural past of Peru. Tourists who travel to Peru never forget to dip into Peru’s thermal springs such as Churin, which is a sacred place according to legend and contains healing waters that can cure all illnesses.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members say that the archeological fans can embark on a journey of their lifetime in Peru’s jewel of natural wonder. Enjoy an invigorating Peru tour of its amazing jungle or discover the beautiful sights and sounds of Peru on their vacation. As Peru’s exhilarating regions, offer a perfect holiday experience for travelers with a passion of exploring the unknown and a love of enjoying first time experiences.