Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club knows that the Grand Canyon is craved by the Great Colorado River and stands out to be the largest canyon of the world. The Colorado River has been making its course through the canyons for quiet some years and has also eroded the Colorado Plateau to create the Grand Canyon. There are various caves and water bodies in the Grand Canyon that makes it rich in animal and plant life. And this is the real reason that there are many exciting things to enjoy there.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members say that though we may have read and heard of the Grand Canyon but seeing it for real is a completely different experience. Its brilliantly built skywalks, walking trails on its northern and southern rims and so many sights and adventures to enjoy you really need to spend a long vacation here.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club say that once you follow the Hiking Trails down the Grand Canyon you get to witness the magnificence of the Colorado river that is responsible in creating the Grand Canyon. The Deer Creek Falls are the best place from where you can enjoy a Rafting and Kayaking adventure on the Colorado River. The Havasu Canyon is beautiful valley that you must visit as the four spring fed waterfalls smash down its cliffs creating swimming holes with relaxing sights.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club recommends tourist that the best way to  enjoy  the natural beauty of the Grand Canyon is by enjoying a hiking adventure  as there are  many natural and manmade hiking trails  on the Grand Canyon  that tourist can follow. And the best thing is that there are  hotels and campsite at each side of the Grand Canyon which this makes it easy and convenient for the tourist to enjoy and have  fun all the way stopping when the feel  tried and hiking along after a little rest. And the best is that when the tourists are tired they can even rent out bikes, enjoy a mule or horse ride too.