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For those who are still consider visiting the Dominican Republic this year, one of the top reasons you should spend time in the Dominican Republic is because of the beautiful sights and scenery found here. Every traveler should consider spending time at one of the most desired beaches found in the country. Although only a few short years ago it was just a small village known for fishing, Las Terrenas has boomed into one of the most popular tourist spots in the Dominican Republic. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club shares that this lush area is home to some of the best restaurants in the entire country, so be sure to keep this spot in mind for a great night out on the town.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club knows that travelers should take the time to come see this island, located on the north coast of the Samana Peninsula. Enjoying the relaxed atmosphere will be one of the most beneficial experiences for any traveler, because after you see how the people of the island live their life you will want to model yours the same way. Enjoying laying out on the beach, roaming around town and searching through the shops to find the perfect souvenirs, or taking snapshots of the coconut-tree lined beaches. Relaxing in this amazing spot is an activity that Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club thinks every traveler will enjoy.