Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club is a world-class vacation provider in the luxury travel industry, and it is excited to release a number of travel alerts to help its guests build awareness and avoid scam attempts during their stays.

Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic – Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club is a leader in luxury vacations, and it is always looking for ways to improve its members’ travel experiences and avoid bad situations. The latest Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club scam outreach program is targeted at a new scam that is affecting travelers all around the world.

Some scammers are going around to popular vacation resort destinations and distributing coupons to resort guests. By leaving a stack in the lobby, or sliding them under doors and into rooms, the scammers are ensuring that the highest number of travelers is exposed to the scam. The coupons can be anything from discounted attraction tickets to, most commonly, a coupon for cheap delivery pizza. What may seem like a great way to save some money can turn out to be a disaster, when the scam artist runs off with credit card information.

With this information from the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club scam prevention team, LHVC hopes that travelers are able to identify any red flags they may come across, during their travels. It is no secret that businesses often advertise a discounted rate in an area frequented by tourists. However, caution should be exercised as there is always a small percentage of individuals looking to exploit the carefree nature of others. Instead of paying for food or theme park tickets over the phone, buy them from a brick and mortar store.

Another Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club scam avoidance tip is for guests who stay at a resort and find themselves being called by people posing as resort staff members. What scam artists have been known to try is a tactic where they call resort guests and pose as service staff, attempting to trick the traveler into providing credit card information that is “needed” to verify something. An unwary traveler may believe the caller to be genuine and casually provide the information over the phone. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club advises travelers to never give out credit card information over the phone to unsolicited callers.

With these tips in mind, Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club knows that travelers will be able to enjoy their well-earned vacations in peace. For more information on booking a world-class vacation, visit