For years, Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Members have been able to enjoy the beauty of the Dominican Republic in style and luxury. They return each and every year to rediscover the magic that Lifestyle creates and to have unforgettable experiences that leave them longing for their next visit. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club always strives to provide its members with the most extraordinary experiences, and with their new expansion into Mexico, they are able to offer members a new way to appreciate the lifestyle experience.

Through its new brand, The Grand Lifestyle, Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Club is able to offer vacationers exclusive new vacation options in Cancun, Mexico. No doubt one of the most sought after destinations in the world, Cancun is a beautiful city that is perfect for tourists who want to see a new side of the world, and want to be treated to adventure and relaxation alike. With its stunning seaside view, sandy beaches, and buzzing atmosphere, Cancun is sure to mesmerize members who can now appreciate this destination with all the amenities that they have come to expect from a vacation with Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members who wish to travel to Mexico with Lifestyle will be treated to stays in one a number of magnificent resorts in Cancun, including The Grand Lifestyle at Grand Oasis Palm, The Grand Lifestyle at Grand Oasis Tulum, The Grand Lifestyle at Grand Oasis Cancun, and The Grand Lifestyle at Grand Oasis Sens. Each of these resorts has unique offerings for members, from family fun, to ultimate serene relaxation, and each will allow members access to all of the memorable views of Cancun.

These Cancun vacations became available to members who now can experience a new side of their Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Membership. They are also always welcome to the beautiful amenities in the Dominican Republic. These are all ways that Lifestyle Holidays continues to bring the best to its members all year round, and offers them the perfect chances for the most extraordinary vacation opportunities. For more information visit