Puerto Plata, tucked away in the northern coast of the Dominican Republic lies the Caribbean vacation dream of the fun loving tourist. Spectacular hiking, lively towns, mountain biking opportunities and miles and miles of sandy beaches is what Puerto Plata is all about remind the members of Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club. This sure is one holiday destination where you can enjoy world class tourism infrastructure and escape the tourists’ hordes and all at an affordable price.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members find that this coast region is blessed with the best unexplored beaches of the Caribbean like its popular Playa Grande Beach  offering the perfect setting for swimming and surfing. Once you area adequately tanned, its time to explore inland as Puerto Plata’s interior offers awe inspiring scenery and recreational activities for all skill levels. Tourists can start of mountain biking tours according to their skill level or enjoy guided hikes to learn about the local flora and fauna of the area. And for an additional kick they can always head for the 27 waterfalls of Damajagua, where they get the chance to leap from rocks walls into crystalline pools.

Without a doubt luxury is one reason that tourists return for more to enjoy the all inclusive Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club experience. The affordable luxury really keeps the tourists coming for more each year along with all the little extras that make your holiday experience more enjoyable. And even once the sun goes down there is still a lot to enjoy and do in the lively nights of Puerto Plata as its entertainment scene is enough to keep you buzzing for weeks.