Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club recommends you the endless options of fun and enjoyment that couples can enjoy on their vacations in the Ice Hotel in Quebec City. The Quebec Ice Hotel is the only one in America where the temperature runs between minus four degrees to minus five. Its four foot thick ice wall helps to insulate the interior and protects the residents from the cold wind.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club marvel at the fairy tale structure of Ice Hotel that glows with a magical light. You can enjoy a tour of the Ice Hotel or if you are brave enough you can even stay there for the night. They even offer you a bed of ice but it sure is covered by a wooden box spring and mattress and this helps to keep you a little warm. The rooms at Quebec’s Ice Hotel don’t have any doors but you can’t pull a curtain for all the privacy that you need. Your meals are even served at a nearby hotel that is about three minutes walk from the Ice Hotel.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members say that the unique experience of living in an Ice Hotel makes the tourist flock to this wonderful place. There is also a nearby sister hotel that tries to comfort the guests who simply can’t sleep all night long in the Ice Hotel. Tourists are free to choose the type of activity that they prefer from Snowshoeing, Snowboarding and Ice Skating as it is all up to them.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members speak of the overall cost and the amenities offered in the Ice Hotel Packaged deal. It includes an Ice Bar cocktail, access to hot tubs and thermal sleeping bags and other gear to sleep in the Ice Hotel. The guides instruct you on how to stay warm and enjoy the icy experience. The packages are customized according to the amenities and luxuries that you want to enjoy and this makes it easy for all types of travelers to enjoy thrilling experience of staying in an Ice Hotel.