Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club says that though Peru is know for its delightful and beautiful tourist attractions and there is a new under current that is attracting visitors to Peru to enjoy intensive sports, like paragliding. It s vast mountain-scape and unspoilt scenery provides lovely views that make it a perfect location to enjoy Paragliding.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members know that Peru has also earned a reputation as a hot spot surfing location. The beautiful Peruvian coast supplies an attractive backdrop for a unique surfing holiday, while its warm sea and long hills have made it a real haven for the skilled surfers. The rugged mountain ranges of Peru make it a Mecca for the outdoor enthusiastic as they can enjoy mountain climbing recreation.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club suggests tourist holidaying in Peru to explore the best of Peru’s cultural and historical highlights even during their customized packaged tours. This way they get to enjoy the beauty of the Peruvian coast and get to explore deep in the Andes. In addition to being introduced to the mysterious past and traditional cultures, tourists get the comprehensive understanding of Peru’s modern culture, food and architecture by enjoying a trip to Peru’s capital city, Lima.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club knows that Machu Picchu is mandatory stop when you holiday in Peru, as it is the lost city of the Inca’s, nestled high at the top of Peru’s Andean Mountains. Tourists interested in the religion and the art of Inca’s should definitely enjoy a trip to its Museum of Religious Art. Visitors can stroll around its museums, enjoy its exhibits, and sample the local flavors of its exotic restaurants that serve traditional food.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club love the flavors and taste of the Peruvian cuisines that stems mainly from the combination of Spanish and native Peruvian ingredients. These are experiences and enjoyments that you can only experience if you plan and book your hotels accommodation in advance as this is the only way they can enjoy beautiful Peru in a hassle free way. Peru offers luxurious to budget friendly accommodations to suit all budget types, so book into the one that fits in with your style and budget.